Participants GypMeet 2013

AG Stroymarket Deputy Chief Technologist Russia
AIDICO Research — Nanomaterials Spain
ALIT TOO Technologist Kazakhstan
ALIT TOO Director Kazakhstan
Allbau Software GmbH Senior CAD specialist Russia
Allgaier Process Technology GmbH Sales manager Germany
Allgaier Process Technology Manager Bulgaria
AMIT Industriesysteme GmbH Managing Director Germany
AMIT Industriesysteme GmbH General Director Germany
AML Anlagentechnik Project Manager Germany
AML Anlagentechnik GmbH&Co.KG General Director Germany
Arakchinskiy Gips Chief Technologist Russia
Ashland Speciality Ingredients Sales Manager CIS Russia
Avrora Manager Russia
Bang&Bonsomer Head of Department Russia
Batolit Leader Manager Russia
Batolit Leader Manager Russia
Baulux Chief of Technological Department of Dry Construction Mixtures Russia
Bauverlag BV GmbH Editor-in-chief Germany
Bergauf Head of Research Center Russia
Bergauf Development Director Russia
BEUMER Engineer on Preparation of Commercial Proposals Russia
BEUMER Sales Director Russia
BOZZETTO POLSKA Sp. z.o.o. Managing Director Poland
BRCS Sales Manager Russia
Brozex Director Russia
Brozex Assistant Director Russia
BSTU (Belgorod) Research Russia
BT-Wolfang Binder GmbH Manager of the Exhibition Russia
Cemogneupor Technical Director Russia
Cemogneupor Sales Manager Russia
Cemsand Director Russia
Chempack Technical Director Russia
Chempack Commercial Director Russia
DeltaChem LLC Commercial Manager Russia
Doubrava Industrieanlagenbau Sales Manager Austria
Doubrava Industrieanlagenbau GmbH Sales Manager Austria
Drymix Technical Director Russia
Drymix General Director Russia
Eindhoven University of Technology Post-doctoral researcher Netherlands
EK Chemical Chief of R&D Department Russia
Ekaterinodarskiye mixtures Chief Technologist Russia
EMEA Senior Technical Service Representative Germany
ERISIM Industriel Deputy Director Russia
ERISIM Industriel Director of Representative Office Turkey
ERISIM Industriel Accountant Russia
ETS Vice-manager Russia
ETS Technologist Russia
ETS Sales Manager Russia
EuroHim-1 Chief of Department Russia
European transport systems, Ltd Director Russia
Eurositex Ruscentre, LLC Head of Direction Russia
Ex More TD Production Director Russia
Ex More TD Chief Technologist Russia
Fels Lime Head of Sales Department Russia
Fild LTD Commercial Director Russia
Fild LTD Head of Sales Department Russia
Giovanni Bozzetto SPA Sales Manager Russia
GKM Siebtechnik GmbH Sales Manager Germany
GKM Siebtechnik GmbH Sales Manager Germany
Guard-R-Info Managing Partner Russia
Habezskiy Gypsum Plant General Manager Russia
Habezskiy Gypsum Plant Chief Technologist Russia
Habezskiy Gypsum Plant General Manager Russia
HAVER & BOECKER Head Buisness Unit Building Materials Germany
HAVER Russia Sales Manager Russia
HAVER Russia Branch Director Russia
Ilskiy zavod Utyazhelitel Technical Director Russia
Infomine Head of Non-metal Raw and Building Materials Department Russia
Innogyps Project Manager Canada
Institute Strojproect Leader Manager of the Test Centre Russia
iPack LLC General Director Russia
Ivsil Euro Trade Head of Department of New Technologies and Developments Russia
Ivsil Euro Trade Head head Technologist Russia
JSC KMZ konveyernogo oborudovaniya Deputy Chief Designer Russia
JSC KMZ konveyernogo oborudovaniya Head of Department Russia
JSC NIIprojectasbest Marketing Manager Russia
JSC NIIprojectasbest General Director Russia
Kabbalkgips General Director Russia
Kabbalkgips Technical Director Russia
KBTM Specialist Russia
KiMeg Chief Technologist Russia
Knauf Gips KG Head of R&D Department Germany
Knauf Gips KG Controller — Market Management Germany
Knauf Gips Moskovskaya SD Senior Expert Russia
Knauf Gips Moskovskaya SD Market Researcher Russia
Knauf Gips Moskovskaya SD Expert in Development of Dry Mixtures KNAUF Russia
Koelgamramor Head of Sales Department Russia
Kompozit ХХI Century Deputy Editor-in-chief Russia
KREISEL RUS Product Manager Russia
Kreps Advertising Manager Russia
Kreps Head of the Center Sales Support Russia
Lahti Precision Vice-president Finland
Lenstroymaterialy-Technostrom Deputy CEO for Development Russia
Lenstroymaterialy-Technostrom Deputy General Director Russia
LLC NTF Cellulose Ethers Technical Manager Russia
LLC RUSGIPS Deputy General Director Russia
Lodige Maschinenbau GmbH Sales Manager Germany
Lodige Technical Consultant Russia
Macromer Head of Laboratory Russia
Magma Head Technologist Russia
Magma Deputy Chief Technologist Russia
Magma TD Head of Department of Building Technologies Russia
Magma TD Technical Consultant Russia
Maikopgipsstroy Marketing Specialist Russia
Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH Sales Manager Germany
Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH Sales Manager Russia
Matanat A Executive Director Russia
Medproject Chief Specialist Russia
Minyarsky quarry Head of Sales Department Russia
Minyarsky quarry General Director Russia
Minyarsky quarry Director on Corporate Management Russia
Minyarsky quarry Commercial Director Russia
Mirupac Correspondent Russia
Modern architectural solutions Technologist Russia
Modern architectural solutions General Director Russia
Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. Researcher France
Must Director Russia
Naukoemkie Technologii General Director Russia
Naukoemkie Technologii Professor, Department of Construction Materials and Structures Russia
NIIMostroy Deputy Director Russia
Noginsk plant of construction mixtures Leader Manager Russia
Noginsk plant of construction mixtures Leader Manager Russia
Noginsk plant of construction mixtures Director Russia
Non-metallic construction materials Leading Sales Economist Russia
Novokaolinovy GOK Marketing Specialist Russia
NP CMID, JSC Head of Testing Laboratory Russia
NP CMID, JSC Engineer-technologist Russia
NP CMID, JSC Manager of Sales Department Russia
OAS AG Authorised Officer Germany
Omya Ural LLC Regional Sales Manager Russia
Omya Ural LLC Regional Sales Manager Russia
Omya Ural LLC Commercial Director Russia
ORTIS, Ltd General Director Russia
Planeta Gips Manager Russia
Planeta Gips General Director Russia
Plast-Rifey Deputy General Director Russia
Pro Global Media Ltd Director UK
Quartz Director Russia
Reef-Micromramor Head of Sales Department Russia
Remix Head of Educational-Methodical Center Russia
Research and Production Company Head of Technical Department Russia
Research and Production Company «GEOTEK» Sales Manager Russia
Rettenmaier RUS Sales Manager Russia
ROSHIMPROM Manager of Sales Department Russia
ROSHIMPROM Director Russia
Rosizvest General Director Russia
RVS LTD Branch Manager Russia
Saint-Gobain Head of Laboratory Russia
Saint-Gobain Head of Technical Training Russia
Sakret Russland Engineer-technologist Russia
School of Chemical, Petroleum, and Gas Specialist Iran
SE Tylose GmbH & Co. KG Technical Sales Manager Russia
SM Complectation Rus Executive Director Russia
StroyComm Development Director Russia
Stroyfarfor Head of Dry Building Mixtures Department Russia
Stroytelnaya Informatsja General Director Russia
TD JSM Project Manager Distribution Russia
TDS ltd Sales Director Russia
TDS ltd Manager Russia
Technical University Munich Professor Germany
Technokomplect, JSC General Director Russia
Technopribor JSC General Director Russia
Technopribor JSC Commercial Director Russia
The Clausthal University, KNAUF Ph.D. Candidate and Researcher Germany
TU Bergakademie Associate Professor Germany
UCTR Mendeleev Head of Chair of Techology Russia
Unis Product Manager Russia
Unis Chief Technologist Russia
Ural-Omega, PJSC Sales Manager Russia
Uralplastic-H Head of Marketing Group Russia
URJV PAMIBRO Ltd. Commercial Director Ukraine
Vostokcement Head of Marketing Department Russia
Vselug General Director Russia
W.A.M.-Moscow General Director Russia
Welcoms plus Ltd. Sales Manager Russia
Western kaolin company Head of Sales Ukraine
ZAO Ruskhimset Head of Constraction Chemistry Department Russia
ZIPO, LLC Director Russia

"Taking part in the XVI International Scientific and Technical Conference В«Modern Technologies of Dry Building Mixtures in ConstructionВ» has been a great opportunity to share and broad...
"The conference well depicted the Russian market and gave also a general, more international, overview. The contents, especially in the first two days, were good and well arranged. A...

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