Participants MixBuild 2017


Company Position Country
Bauhaus-Universitaet Weimar Professor Germany
Semnan University Associate Professor Iran
Sika AG Corporate Product Engineer Switzerland
Technische Universitat Munchen Professor Germany
Avebe U.A. Application Specialist Netherlands
European Association of ETICS (EAE) Managing Director Germany
Russian Gypsum Association President Russia
Cemsand Director Russia
Orgenergostroy Director on R&D Russia
Orgenergostroy Head of the laboratory Russia
Orgenergostroy Engineer Russia
Noginskiy kombinat General director Russia
Noginskiy kombinat Head of the laboratory Russia
Krata Deputy head concrete additives Russia
Krata Senior manager of marketing department Russia
KiMeg Technologist Russia
Sarteksim General directort Russia
Sarteksim Executive director Russia
Camonika Technologist Russia
BTW Plant Solutions, a division of BT-Wolfgang Binder Sales manager Austria
Favorit Chief technologist Russia
Lamberti Rus Project manager Russia
Bundex Rusland Head of production Russia
Bundex Rusland Technologist Russia
Concrete Ingeneering Director Russia
A-G Stroymarket Head technologist Russia
MaSt Director Russia
UNIS Deputy general director Russia
ORTIS General director Russia
Ural-Omega Head of the sales & Project department Russia
Russian Union of Drymix Mortars Producers Managing Director Russia
Independent expert Russia
Mapei S.p.A. Tile Adhesives Global R&D Group Manager Italy
Tver State Technical University Professor Russia
Dow Building & Construction Global Product Manager Silicones Germany
Sika Head of R&D Department Russia
Lentechstrom Director of sales Russia
Omya Algol Rus, JSC Head of business development Russia
Techpribor General director Russia
Prestig-S Technologist Russia
Piramiks Head of production Russia
SPARTA Director of development Russia
ZMK Master of quality department Russia
ZMK Head technologist Russia
ZMK Head of the laboratory Russia
ZMK Chief designer Russia
Stroycomplex Technologist Russia
Stroycomplex Head of workshop Russia
ISS General director Russia
ISS Head technologist Russia
LEETEK General director Russia
VERTIKAL Leading specialist Russia
MC-Bauchemie Head of the laboratory Russia
MC-Bauchemie Product manager Russia
KREPS the head of the training Head of the training center Russia
KREPS Leading brand manager Russia
Starateli Quality engineer Russia
ILMAX Chemical engineer Belarus
REMIX Director Russia
REMIX Founder Russia
Hydroizolyazia Deputy director Russia
DINKO Head specialist Russia
Dry mixtures plant General director Russia
Dry mixtures plant Production director Russia
Fild Commercial director Russia
Fild Chief of foreign economic activity department Russia
AMIT Industriesysteme GmbH Генеральный директор Germany
Kingstone Chemical China Co. Ltd. General manager China
Polimer General director Russia
Polimer Head technologist Russia
Polimer Commercial director Russia
Kamssky-Ustinsky Gypsum Quarry Commercial director Russia
Kamssky-Ustinsky Gypsum Quarry Chief specialist sales Russia
Kamssky-Ustinsky Gypsum Quarry Chief specialist at contract work Russia
Ex More Engineer-technologist Russia
Ex More Technologist-developer Russia
Roxor Industry Sales manager Russia
SAKRET LT UAB Production manager Lithuania
Ruskhimset Head of construction chemistry department Russia
BUMAZHNAYA MILYA Head of the sales & Project department Russia
Koelgamramor Head of sales department Russia
SAKRET SIA Technologist Estonia
Profix-Kuzbuss Director Russia
Sfera Deputy director of the production department Russia
KIILTO-KLEY Laboratoty engineer Russia
KIILTO-KLEY Technical director Russia
Ekaterinodarskie Smesi Head technologist Russia
J. Bergmann GmbH&Co CEO Germany
Magma Engineer-technologist Russia
AML Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG Managing director Germany
EIRICH — Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co KG Head of department Russia
Allgaier Process Technology GmbH Manager Germany
Allgaier Process Technology GmbH Manager Germany
Sky Technology Moskau Manager Germany
Goldex Manager Germany
Shishimskiy mramor General director Russia
Olborg Portland General director Russia
HawkeyePedershaab Regional sales manager Denmark
KIP Service Director Russia
GLIMS-Production Head of the laboratory Russia
GLIMS-Production Research engineer Russia
OAS AG Authorised officer Germany
Lodige Maschinenbau GmbH Sales manager Germany
Parget Makina Marketing and Sales Manager Turkey
ETS Manager Russia
ETS Head of the scientific-technical center Russia
VSELUG Project manager Russia
TOO ALIT Deputy director Kazahstan
TOO ALIT Technologist Kazahstan
TOO ALIT Technologist Kazahstan
Sika Head of the laboratory Russia
New World Executive director Russia
Eurohim-1 Functional Chemicals Deputy commercial director Russia
ZIPO LLC Deputy commercial director Russia
Novotroitskiy zavod Head engineer Russia
KORUS Consulting Development directo Russia
MAPEI Facilitator of the process and quality control Russia
KREISEL RUS Product-manager Russia
KREISEL RUS Head of technical center Russia
Franken Maxit Mauermörtel GmbH & Co. Gruppenleitung — Forschung und Entwicklung Germany
Kaleta Olejnik Group Rus CEO Russia
Exponenta CEO Russia
Bang&Bansomer Head of department Russia
TOO ALIT Technologist Kazahstan
BASF Technologist Russia
BASF Development spesialist Russia
BASF Head of OC laboratory Russia
Rettenmaier Rus Deputy general director Russia
Bestrom Sales manager Russia
W.A.M — Moscow Sales manager Russia
WELCOMS + Chemie Head of sales department Russia
MIRUPACK TD Manager Russia
Proceq General director Russia
RIF-Micromramor Commercial director Russia
Ivanteevskiy Elevatormelmash General director Russia
Segezgskiy TD Sales director Russia
Teksa General director Russia
Drymix Head technologist Russia
Bobrovskiy Kvarzit Executive director Russia
Quick-Mix Technologist Russia
EK Kemikal Head of R&D department Russia
KIILTO-KLEY Chief technologist Russia
MC KRAFT Head of «Paper Sacks» Russia
Strommashina-Ingineering Commercial director Russia
STEP Invest Commercial director Russia
Ufimskaya gypsum company Deputy director of quality Russia


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