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Аddress: office 218, 3B, Instrumentalnaya str., St. Petersburg, 197022, Russia
Phone St. Petersburg: +7 (812) 380-65-72 ,+7 (812) 703-71-85
Phone Moscow: +7 (495) 580-54-36



alea_family-90 CEO
Chairman of the cement, concrete, dry mixtures committee of Russian Builders UnionEduard

+7 (812) 380-65-72 (ext. 201)

infocem-2015-day3-222 Nadya Kiseleva

Exhibition specialist

+7 (812) 335-09-92 (ext. 207)

infocem-2015-day3-227 Anatoly Klyushov

PR and conference program specialist

+7 (812) 337-29-92 (ext. 218)

alea_family-240 Nadezhda Bolshakova

General issues

+7 (812) 380-65-72 (ext. 201)

"I would like to appreciate you for your kind support and excellent arrangement during our stay in Moscow. We enjoyed the conference very much as well as the exhibition and other activit...
"I think I have a quite interesting presentation that is dealing with development ultra-high performance concrete. This material was developing approximately 20 years in Europe and USA. ...

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