Journal articles

Chernysh S. A.

«Some problems of struggle against manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit production»

Zakharov S. A.

«The advantages of high reactivity metakaolin application in concrete and dry construction mixtures»

Royak G. S., Dobkin V. S., Kozodaev G. A.

«Silicate microspheres for light concrete»

Alimova M.S., Pariushkina N.Yu., Chumakova K.Yu.

«Prospect of Development of Quartz Sands Raw Materials Base for Dry Construction Mixtures Manufacture»

Sivkov S.P., Zaitsev A.Ye.

«Influence of polymer re-dispergation degree onto properties of polymer-containing dry pack mortars»

Golunov S.A.

«Fasted termo-insulation systems — an effective and reliable way of energy saving in consrtuction»

Bernshtein L.G.

«Drying of sand for production of dry pack mortars»

Kolyada S.V.

«On estimate of prospects of developments of production and consumption of construction materials in the Russian Federation until 2020»

Zurbriggen R.,Wetzel A.,Harzer S., Herwegh M.,Kaufmann J.,Winnefeld F., Pass K. & Waser H.

«Failure mechanisms of outdoor applied large sized fully-vitrified tiles»

Dergunov S.A.,Rubtsova V.N.,Nesterenko A.S.

«Research of plasticized systems»

Bernd Luebbert

«The review of various types of the equipment for packing and dispatch»

Sizikov S.A.

«Effective drying  equipment for bulk materials (sand, undersized crushed materials, crushed stone )»

Belov V.V.

«Dry mixes for production of cellular concrete: experimental research, prospects of production and applications»

 Aberle T., Pustovgar A.P.

«Prevention of efflorescence formation on masonry structures of buildings and constructions»

Sivkov S., Rugitskaya A.,Hardy H., Glushkov A., Firsayev D.

«Properties of cement-polymer compositions hardened in extreme conditions»

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