Statistics — 2017






More than 150 exhibitors from 16 countries took part in the specialized exhibition «Cement. Concrete. Dry mixtures-2017». There were participants from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Turkey, China and others.
Over 6000 specialists visited exhibition in 2017.

Exhibitors’ geography

The quantity of European companies, exhibitors from Turkey and China increased compared to the previous year.


Exhibitors’ major activities

The exhibition participants represented the following fields:

  • production and distribution of concrete plants and bulk material plants;
  • odernization and automation;
  • production and distribution of concrete mixer machines;
  • equipment for manufacture of concrete products, processing precast concrete, dry mixtures and cement;
  • equipment for mixing, crushing, grinding, classification, recycling;
  • cement warehouses, silos;
  • chemical raw materials;
  • raw materials and equipment for processing;
  • weighing and packing technology;
  • industrial automation (level measuring systems, sensors, temperature controllers, pneumatic equipment)
  • heating systems;
  • laboratory, testing and measuring equipment;
  • packaging systems;
  • production of magnetic separators;
  • heat-power equipment.


Compared to the previous year, we can see the increase of producers and distributors of equipment for concrete industry and the development of the construction chemistry and raw materials sector.


Efficiency of exhibition




The result of the survey has shown:

  • 85% of exhibitors noted that the exhibition in 2017 was successful, the work at the exhibition was effective and the number of good business contacts increased;
  • 10% of exhibitors mentioned that the exhibition was helpful, but the further work will show the effectiveness and the number of concluded contracts;
  • 5% of exhibitors pointed out that despite many visitors at the stand good results can not be expected due to the unstable situation in the industry.



Visitors’ geography

Over 6 000 specialists visited exhibition in 2017. 78% of them were from Russian and CIS countries.



Visitors’ position



Visitors’ focus area





  • 150 exhibitors
  • + 28 % of new exhibitors
  • + 6 % of exhibitors in comparison with the previous year
  • + 10 % of exhibition area in comparison with the previous year
  • 47 % of exhibitors have booked stands for 2018


Business program

  • workshop
  • 2 specialized conferences — MixBuild and ConLife
  • 500 delegates
  • более 50 scientific and analytical presentations
  • 2 Technical tours to KNAUF and Ivanteyevsky precast plant


We invite you to join the Anniversary XX International Construction Exhibition «Cement. Concrete. Dry mixtures-2018» November 28 – 30, 2018 Expocentre, Moscow, Russia

Plan your participation now!

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